Why Mobile Apps?


3 hours

Amount of time Americans spend a day on smartphones.



Time spent in apps on mobile devices (versus non-app activity).

Mobile vs Web.jpg


How much longer users spend in mobile apps than mobile websites.


Customizable Content

Easily add your content — video, audio, images, RSS feeds, and more — within your mobile app.



User Sharing

Enable your audience to share on all social channels, including Facebook and Twitter, with a sleek and beautiful presentation of your content. Up the viral factor.



Promotional Tools

Utilize timely push notifications to reach your audience anywhere, anytime. With Subsplash Push Notifications you can make rich and engaging messages by attaching media, events, and other types of content to your Push Notifications. Create Push Notification Groups for sending specific messages to targeted audiences!



“When Breakaway Ministries had to change venues last minute, we sent out push notifications to notify almost 5,000 students who had subscribed. That covered at least half of the attendees!”


— Brent Monogue, Breakaway Ministries


All Mobile Platforms

Expand the reach of your content with your customized mobile app available in every app store.



Increased Mobile Downloads

Most clients see more downloads than members of their audience. 


Experience Tangible Growth

We’ve seen non-profits receive significant donations through their mobile app by having an easily accessible place for anyone to give. 



“Giving has been crazy. We’ve seen over $100,000 given through the app alone in the last 18 months. For a church of 350 people the costs are absolutely worth it.”

– Bob Seymore, One Life Church 



Cut Costs

By simply moving your weekly flyers and bulletins to your app, your organization can save thousands of dollars each month on printing and distribution.



“Before the app, we were spending $27,000/year printing the weekly bulletin. We incorporated the bulletin into the app and subsequently reduced printing to $4,500/year - saving us over $22,500/year. The app has been more than we ever expected.”

— Adam Legg, Changepoint Alaska


Complete Control

Fully customize and control your mobile apps with the Subsplash Dashboard CMS.



By utilizing Subsplash Cloud (Apps, Web Player, Podcasting), streamline your process and save time by uploading your media in one place and see it go live to all of your channels.

Advanced Analytics

Track your performance with real-time mobile analytics.


Delightful Design

We've taken care to handcraft our apps so that they feel at home on every platform, making your content shine.



Thousands of organizations use Subsplash Apps to beautifully present their content on mobile devices.


Experience these benefits for your organization today.